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GN Resound Hearing Aid Machine OMNIA 7 RIE

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Rs. 189,995.00

Brand Resound
Type RIC
Aid Placement Receiver in the canal
Model Name/Number OMNIA 7 RIE
Frequency Channels and Compression Controls 14
Frequency and Dynamics Concept 20-110 db


ReSound OMNIA 7 is a very respectable hearing aid with most of the features of the more expensive model 9. 7 offers slightly fewer customizations and fewer automatic program changes.

The technology of rechargeable hearing aidsIn a world where almost every piece of technology is accompanied by a charger, it’s only natural that hearing aids have become rechargeable too. Just like you would charge your smartphone overnight, the same routine goes for rechargeable digital hearing aids, so you’ll never have to miss a special moment because a battery needs to be changed.
While rechargeable hearing aids have been available for some time, they weren’t popular because of their low power output. Thanks to advancements in hearing aid technology, today’s best rechargeable hearing aids give you power that lasts longer than a full day.
Traditionally, the batteries were produced with Nickel metal hydride (NiMH). Now, the best rechargeable hearing aids use Lithium-Ion or Silver-Zinc battery technology, which has completely changed the performance of rechargeable digital hearing aids.
Utilizing the latest rechargeable battery technology, ReSound ONE, ReSound LiNX Quattro and ReSound Key are our best rechargeable hearing aids, allowing you the freedom to experience high quality sound without the fear of losing power, or the hassle of carrying spare batteries.