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Signia Hearing Aid Machine Pure 312 2AX

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Rs. 64,990.00
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Rs. 64,990.00

Model Name/Number pure 312 2AX
Brand Signia
Aid Placement ric bte
No. Of Channels 16
Connectivity direct bluetooth connectivity
Minimum Order Quantity 1


Despite their small size, Pure 312 AX hearing aids feature our leading Augmented Xperience hearing technology.This gives you outstanding speech clarity, even in noisy situations.

Connectivity and app controlPure 312 AX connects to the Signia app, which contains the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support. Using artificial intelligence, the Signia Assistant offers you immediate support whenever you need to adjust settings.Pure 312 AX hearing aids are powered by batteries that deliver a runtime of around 4 days.

Prescription audio that performsPure 312 AX give you state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android2 and iOS devices. So you can easily stream your phone calls, music and TV audio straight to your tiny hearing aids in high-quality digital sound. You can also connect your Pure 312 AX to the Signia app, which features groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) via the Signia Assistant.

Pure 312 AX
Pure 312 AX is  suitable for all levels of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe or profound).

Pure 312 AX Pure AX hearing aids are packed with all the high-tech features you need, such as Bluetooth streaming for your phone calls and music from both Android3 and iOS devices as well as advanced tinnitus therapies to make your life with tinnitus more comfortable.