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Signia Hearing Aid Machine Styletto 5AX Kit

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Rs. 424,990.00
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Rs. 424,990.00

Brand Signia
Model Name/Number Styletto AX 5
Type RIC
Aid Placement RIC
No. Of Channels 24
Color Black , Skin .
Material Plastic
Battery Type Rechargeable
Channels 24
Extended Dynamic Range 10-110 db
Power Source yes
Frequency Channels and Compression Controls 10-110 db
Processing Channels 24
Listening Programs 4
Adjustment Bands 8
Direct Streaming 5/5
Sound Clarity 2/5
YourSound Technology Acoustic
Speech And Noise yes


cannot be placed directly on the Qi charging pad for charging. They must first be placed inside the charger case (the case itself is chargeable via Qi). On the plus side, the chargeable charging case holds an additional 3 days worth of charges.

These hearing aids replace the old Styletto and Styletto Connect hearing aids, which were based on the last generation Signia Nx platform. Styletto X run on the new Xperience platform, which adds YourSound Technology for motion sensing and a variety of other new software features. Read more about the Xperience platform.

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