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Sony 371 (SR920SW) Silver Oxide Watch Battery, 1 Battery

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Silver oxide battery is a small-sized primary battery mainly used for wrist watches, using zinc as the negative electrode (cathode), silver oxide as the positive electrode (anode) plus an alkaline electrolyte . Thanks to its high energy density and superb stable discharge characteristics, silver oxide batteries are being used in a broad range of applications, from quarts watches to portable devices such as electric clinical thermometers and portable games.


list_mark High energy density

High energy density has been achieved owing to the Sony's original high-precision material-mixing technology. The use of antioxidant, high performance separators also contributes to improved storage characteristics

.list_mark Excellent stable discharge characteristics

Constant voltage output is available during the discharging

.list_mark Excellent leakage resistance

Sony-unique sealing structure, coupled with special sealing- material treatment, has helped accomplish the excellent leakage resistance

.list_mark A comprehensive product line-up

A comprehensive range of ultra-compact batteries is available to meet various needs.