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  • What Is Delivery Time?

Mostly All orders are Dispatch within 24 hours of order Received, Now order delivery may Take 1-5 Working Days depending upon the Consignee Location.


  • Which are your Logistics/Courier Partners?


We prefer couriers depending on Consignee Locations. 

  • What are Shipping Charges?

We are Giving Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs.499

If Order Amount is Less than Rs.499 than we are taking Flat Rs.60 Shipping charge for all India Delivery.


  • How can I Track My Order?

As your order is Ready For Dispatch we will give you Tracking Details via mail and Whatsapp.

You can Track your orders with that Details,

If you need more info regarding the same, you can WhatsApp us On +91 9429828662 (Available 10 am to 5pm)


  • Does my PinCode is serviceable?

We have All India Delivery Network With the help of top logistics companies.We are using INDIAPOST(Speed Post/ Parcel)  for Remote Areas Delivery Pincode.


  • What Is Your Liability On Batteries?

Our Liability Limited to Replacement of Battery


  • How can I choose A Battery for my Hearing AID?

Most hearing aids run on zinc air batteries. The size you need depends on which type of hearing aid you have. There are four sizes of batteries for  hearing aids, each coded with a number and color

Battery types

Size 10 - YELLOW

Size 13 - ORANGE

Size 312 - BROWN

Size 675 - BLUE

Check your user instructions for the hearing aid battery that suits your hearing aids.


  • Is this a genuine battery?

All Batteries Available on Our Store is Genuine/Authentic.

We are working on Inventory Based Model, so Basically all Items are store and sold by Us. That's a Reason Behind Genuine Battery.


  • What is your Customer Service Number?

We are Located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

All  Our Order Inventory will be dispatch From Vadodara Warehouse*


What are some good hearing aid battery care tips?
  • Store hearing aid batteries at normal room temperatures.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before changing batteries. Grease and dirt on the batteries may damage the hearing aid.
  • Leave the battery compartment of your hearing device open at night so moisture can escape. Doing so will keep the battery from corroding and damaging the hearing aid.
  • Remove dead batteries immediately. A completely discharged battery may swell and become difficult to remove.


  • How do I know if I should change batteries?
  • Change your batteries if sounds become distorted or you have to turn up the volume more than usual.
  • Some hearing aids will also make a small beeping sound when the battery is low. Be sure to switch batteries immediately when you hear the alarm.
  • Hearing aid batteries often lose power very suddenly, so it's smart to carry an extra set of batteries with you at all times.
  • To protect against discharging your backup batteries, keep them away from coins, keys or other metal objects.