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Signia Hearing Aid Machine Lotus Prompt S BTE

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  • Prompt S

  • Dual onboard controls
Integrated push button and rocker switch for manual control including a programmable key lock to prevent unintentional program or volume changes.
  • Option: Direct audio input
Prompt BTE models come with a standard battery compartment that can be exchanged for one with a direct audio input connection.
  • Directional microphones
Optimized placement and orientation provide an improved directionality to ensure the best possible listening performance.
  • Robust and reliable housing
Trialed and tested in the most challenging environments, Prompt BTEs’ housings are resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt.
  • Battery door
With on/off function.
  • Battery compartment
For size 312 battery.


Product Prompt S
Type BTE
channels 8
Battery Size 312

Peak Gain(dB)/



Fitting Range(dB) 0/80


  • Features
  • Fixed Directionality 
  • Speech and Noise Management
  • Feedback Cancellation