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Panasonic EVOLTA Alkaline AAA Battery, 1 Battery

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  • Panasonic AAA Alkaline Batteries last longer than ordinary zinc-carbon batteries.
  • Panasonic Alkaline AAA battery is equipped with Anti-Leak protection. This protects devices from damage due to battery rupture and leakage.
  • Panasonic Alkaline batteries are designed to protect power for up to 10 years when unused and stored properly.
  • Alkaline AAA batteries have a triple tough coating made of nickel-and-iron alloy.
  • Panasonic Alkaline batteries are ideal for TV remote, alarm clocks, clocks, flashlight, battery powered toys, beard trimmers & shavers, digital cameras, video flash, photo flash, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and other everyday devices.



Panasonic Alkaline AAA Batteries power your devices longer than ordinary zinc-carbon batteries. When not in use and stored properly, Panasonic Alkaline batteries can protect power up to 10 years. They also come equipped with special anti-leak protection that makes them safe for your devices and gadgets. Panasonic Energy India offers a wide range of batteries - Panasonic Zinc Carbon battery, Panasonic Alkaline battery, Panasonic Coin - Lithium and Alkaline battery, Panasonic eneloop battery and eneloop pro battery, and Panasonic eneloop chargers to cater to different products and usage.