Gn Resound Wax Guards
Gn Resound Wax Guards

Gn Resound Wax Guards

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The Gn Resound  wax guards prevent the wax from entering the hearing instrument & are valuable in preventing device malfunction. 

What is it?

  • Pack of 8 replacement Gn Resound wax guards
  • Used with Gn Resound receiver-in-canal solutions (in which the receiver component sits within an ear-tip or dome)
  • The wax guard helps to protect the hearing aid against the ingress of earwax

Easy to use: A new wax guard is mounted on one end of the stick. At the other end is a hook for removing the used wax guard from the hearing aid. Insert the removal hook into the existing wax guard in the sound outlet. Pull the wax guard straight out. Turn the stick/holder around so that the used wax guard is away from the receiver and the new one is in position to be inserted.


The use of the wax guard does not eliminate the need for daily cleaning procedures. The amount of earwax produced by each individual varies and it is recommended that the wax guard is checked daily. If the hearing aid is weak/silent or if wax is visible in the wax guard, it’s time to change the wax guard.

About Gn Resound

Gn Resound hearing aids are bursting with the latest technologies. Top of the range Widex hearing aids can reduce background noise, improve voice clarity by enhancing speech frequency, which will suit any level of hearing loss from mild to severe.